If you want to stay safe, confident, and strong during and after menopause — you’re in the right place!

🦋 T R A N S I S T I O N 🦋

Menopause Strength Training & Lifestyle Programme 

Do you want to stay safe, confident, and strong during and after menopause? Do you want to become part of a community of like minded individuals who understand and support each other? 

You already know menopause can be a massive life TRANSITION. You might be experiencing difficult changes, like unexplained weight gain, hot flushes, poor sleep, or lack of energy.

You may also find yourself dealing with nagging aches and pains, injuries, or increased soreness after your workouts. And those are just a few of the physical symptoms.

Menopause can also be mentally and emotionally challenging. You might feel uncomfortable with how your body is changing, feel hopeless or frustrated that the nutrition and exercise strategies you used to use are no longer working the same way, or feel a sense of grief and loss about how your body and life are different than they used to be. On top of that, you might be dealing with mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, or depression.

This programme will:

🦋 Improve your energy levels

🦋 Help you to lose body fat

🦋 Build strength, muscle, and bone tissue

🦋Improve your confidence, sleep, recovery, and mood

🦋 Make you feel more comfortable and empowered in your body

🦋 Help you to rebuild trust in your body

While strength training might not address all menopause-related symptoms — it’s as close as you can get to a magic pill for menopausal women! Weekly sessions start on Wednesday 10th May at @nr12fitness at 10:30. Sessions are £9 and booking is online via NR12 Fitness website. 

1 thought on “Menopause Fitness

  1. Jo Wadsworth

    Hello, Im an 52 year old. woman living in Frettenham. I’m struggling to get fit as I have knee and hip issues. The issues I believe are related to weaknesses in certain muscle groups and not enough strength in others. Ive been trying to sort myself out but with exercises from You tube, but as soon as I fix one thing another problem starts. I need expert help!
    Thank you, Jo


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